New DA leader has a passion for people

Interview with Joe McGluwa, DA Leader in the NW:

Potchefstroom. – Joe McGluwa is the new leader of the Democratic Alliance in North West. He was elected at the recent provincial congress.

Chris Hattingh, the former leader, who was leader for 16 years, decided not to compete as candidate. He however is still the Provincial Legislature leader.

Herald decided to find out more about McGluwa who is not only the provincial leader, but also a member of parliament.

  1. Where were you born? Age?

Johannesburg, 51 years old

  1. Married? To whom?

Yes, Nadia McMaster

  1. Children? Names? Ages?

Two kids – Agatha (21) and Jovanah (3)

  1. How did you end up in politics?

I have been engaged in politics since very young ages mainly through my father’s involvement and my passion for always wanting to help people wherever I can.

  1. Tell us a bit about your background – personal history? Education/skills/political career till now.

My childhood stems from humble beginnings in Alabama, Klerksdorp. I am one of two brothers in a family of five children. My brother also shares my passion for politics and is a Member of the Provincial Legislature in the Northern Cape. My siblings and I have always shared a close bond and we have always been actively involved in the church and our community in some way or another.

My political career started at the age of 24 when I became a councillor in the Matlosana Municipality in the North West Province up until the period when was appointed as the National Organizer of the Independent Democrats (ID) and adviser to Patricia DeLille and eventually appointed as the Parliamentary Leader for the ID in Parliament during 2012 until 2014.

My tertiary education includes a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from the University of Witwatersrand.

I have always been actively engaged in bringing people together and thus I am offering myself as a resource to this province. I have mentored leaders and constituted councils and have been through all corridors in my political career. I am a go-getter, a friendly person and someone who wants to make things happen.

  1. Why did you choose the DA?

The principles of redress, reconciliation, diversity and delivery appeal to me as it does too many other South Africans. The strengthening of opposition politics is key in taking our country forward.

  1. Your vision for the DA?
  2. To portray a leadership that makes rural issues our own.
  3. A leadership committed to winning new DA supporters in every municipality.
  4. A leadership that wants to make a political home for everyone.
  5. A leadership that communicates a party of government.
  6. A leadership that engages.
  7. A leadership that shares the lessons of government and the DA.
  1. 8. What are your strengths? How can you utilize that as leader?

I do have a track record in uniting people. I am an avid campaigner and grass root politician.

  1. What are your weak points and how will you develop them?

I tend to trust people easily and I also become restless when my work or tasks are incomplete. Due to my helpful nature, I don’t easily turn people down and or say no which can become very exhausting.

In combatting all of these I have to focus more on my strengths and learn how to say no with a smile and surround myself with opportunities to focus on my strengths instead.

  1. Why did you stand for the position as leader?

I believe that I can make a contribution to the growth of the DA in the province and to retain our current support. I want to address the issues affecting the people and build a strong support against the ANC in order to become the official opposition again. The growth and of our Councilors’ and Member of Parliament’ base are important to ensure that we are accessible to all.

  1. Shortly say what the following words mean to you: Integrity? Honesty? The future?

Integrity: To be honest in all aspects of my life and upholding strong morals and principles

Honesty: To be truthful

The future: That everyone has equal open opportunity society and that everyone lives in harmony.

  1. What do you do to relax?

I spend time with my family somewhere close to where there is water, either a river, dam or the ocean.

  1. Favorite place on earth? Why?

George in the Southern Cape. My wife was born there and my father-in-law, who still lives there, is my best friend so I enjoy spending time there.