Real Fairness, real Freedom and real Opportunities

By Safiyia Stanfley, MPL, DA Provincial Spokesperson on Gender, Youth and Persons with Disabilities:

The following extract is from a speech delivered on 16 June 2015 by the Democratic Alliance’s provincial spokesperson on Gender, Youth and Persons with Disabilities, Safiyia Stanfley, during a youth day event in her constituency of De Aar.


I want to talk about solutions for problems in the province and the vision that can ensure that you as the youth will enjoy a better future – the Democratic Alliance’s vision of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity.

Freedom should be more than just a slogan; it should be something that you can use. Freedom means that you live in a safe, caring community where each person has a home, health care and food on the table. We all know of a family without a loaf of bread in the kitchen cupboards today. In a society where one in every five people go to bed hungry, there is no freedom or fairness!

The Democratic Alliance’s vision of Fairness is based on a society where each person has equal access to opportunities. Whether you are born in De Aar or in Johannesburg, it makes no difference. In a fair society, you and your efforts determine your future, not the circumstances of your birth.

A fair society looks at the legacy of apartheid and corrects it.

In a fair society there is a honest government that empowers all its people through education and good job opportunities.

Job opportunities for the youth is scarce. You know the Northern Cape has the highest youth unemployment figure of all the provinces in the country. And I know many of you have been looking for a job for so long that you have given up hope.

The Democratic Alliance’s vision can make a difference. We are already making this difference in the Western Cape, which has the lowest unemployment statistics in the country. If we can manage to make the economy grow in the Western Cape, we can also do it here!

And how will we do it?

Through Opportunities.

The Democratic Alliance believes that the state must create an environment which stimulates the creation of jobs. This environment requires economic growth, reliable electricity and infrastructure, proper support to small businesses, a youth wage subsidy which encourages companies to employ young people without experience and a honest government. Not a government that allows corruption, but one that fights it.

A honest government has no place for a traffic head who issues false licenses for stolen vehicles. A honest government delivers good services for each resident in each town and gives each child a quality education. Quality education and the development of skills helps children to get jobs and to break free from the chains of poverty.

This is wat real Freedom, real Fairness and real Opportunities means.

With the Democratic Alliance’s vision for the future, we can replace poverty with growth, despair with decent jobs and hunger with optimism.

We can achieve this together, because South Africans have always been unstoppable together.