Sitting of the Legislature: Oral questions and Youth Day debate

Media Advisory:

Members of the DA caucus in the Free State Provincial Legislature have placed unanswered written questions from 2014 onto the order paper for tomorrow’s sitting compelling Premier Ace Magashule and members of his Executive Council to reply to these questions verbally.

In addition, members of the DA Youth Free State Leadership, Deputy Leader Cllr Alinah Ramphala, Chairperson Cappy Ramathibe, and Deputy Chairperson and DASO Coordinator, Cllr Tjaart van der Walt, will participate in the Youth Day debate after the plenary is suspended.

The outstanding written questions that will be put to the Executive for oral reply tomorrow are:

The Leader of the Official Opposition, Roy Jankielsohn (MPL) will ask the following questions to The Premier of the Free State, Ace Magashule:

  1. What do the terms of the contract pertaining to the Vrede Dairy Project between the provincial government and ESTINA prescribe regarding the cancellation of the contract;
  2. On what date was the contract cancelled; 
  3. Whether any claims were made by ESTINA against the provincial government regarding the cancellation of this contract; if so, (a) what is the nature of the claim, (b) the amount; and
  4. Whether the department intends to pay any amounts relating to this claim; if not, why not; if so, how much?


  1. Whether, with reference to the reply of question 1) 1.1, published on 06 August 2014, the recommendations of the National Treasury commissioned report (attached), conducted by JGL Forensic Services, into the contracts between the (i) Office of the Premier, (ii) Letlaka Media Services and (iii) the transversal agreements between the Office of the Premier and other provincial departments were communicated to the Premier; if not, why not; if so, what were the recommendations;
  2. Whether the recommendations contained in the report were implemented; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details in respect of each recommendation?

The Chief Whip, David van Vuuren (MPL), will ask the MEC for Finance, Elzabe Rockman

  1. What are the details with regards to the agreement reached between the (a) Free State Provincial Government (FSPG) and (b) ESKOM pertaining to the disconnection off bulk electricity supply to Free State municipalities;
  2. Whether payments will be made to ESKOM by the FSPG; if not, where will the funds be obtained to settle dues; if so, (a) what amounts will be paid, (b) what is the timeline for such payments, and (c) where the funds to service these payments will be reallocated from;
  3. Whether the departments of (i) COGTA and (ii) Finance will (a) spearhead and (b) implement measures within municipalities to ensure that they meet their financial obligations to (aa) ESKOM and (bb) all other service providers in future; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?

The DA Caucus Chairperson, James Letuka (MPL) will ask the following question to the MEC for Cooperative Governance, Traditional Affairs and Human Settlements, Olly Mlamleli:

  1. Whether any municipality in the province made use of consultants during the (a) 2012/13 and (b) 2013/14 financial years; if so, in each in each financial year (aa) which municipalities; (bb) the names of (i) consultants and (ii) consultancy firms and (iii) the names of the board of directors used, (cc)  the nature of services contracted, (dd) the contract value, (ee) the full amounts paid;
  2. Whether any of the (i) consultants and/or the (ii) partners and/or the directors of the named consultancy firms were previously employed by municipalities in any (a) political and/or (b) official capacity; if so, in each case, (aa) what are their names, (bb) in what capacity were they appointed, (cc) what were the reasons for leaving the employment of the municipality and (dd) what was the total remuneration package of each?

Leona Kleynhans (MPL) will ask the following question to the MEC for Police, Roads and Transport, Butana Khompela:

  1. Whether the Department received the comprehensive ‘Road Safety Investigation’ report on the prevalence of fatal accidents occurring on the Provincial Primary Road P59/1 (Nelson Mandela Drive/Jan Spies Drive and Du Plessis Avenue intersections) from KMA Consulting Engineers; if not, how was this conclusion reached; if so, (a) when was the report received, (b) what (i) were the findings and (ii) recommendations;
  2. Whether the Department has implemented any of the recommendations contained in the report; if not, why not; if so, which recommendations were implemented?

The details of the oral questions session are as follows:

Date: Tomorrow, Thursday, 11 June 2015

Time: 10:00

Venue: The Chamber of the Fourth Raadzaal, President Brand Street, Bloemfontein