Thousands affected as sinkhole swallows Carletonville water supply line

By Ina Cilliers MPL , DA Constituency Head: Merafong:

A sinkhole which appeared over the main water supply line to Carletonville is nothing more than a result of poor maintenance.

While water has been restored to the town through emergency supplies from Rand Water; further cuts are likely if this issue is not addressed in its entirety.

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Many people assume that sinkholes are a natural disaster, but most are caused by water from leaking pipes seeping into the dolomite below the lines.

In fact more than 52% of water in Merafong is lost every month due to ageing and deteriorating structures, despite the local municipality insisting that they have a water loss management plan.

The people of Carletonville will continue to face interrupted and inconsistent water supply unless long-term measures are put in place to upgrade and maintain these lines.

The Executive Director of Infrastructure Development for the municipality has admitted that it will cost more than R900 million to get this infrastructure back to adequate levels.

The fact remains that Merafong simply does not have the funds and the DA reiterates its call for a provincial intervention in terms of Section 139(1)(b) of the Constitution.

Until this happens the residents of Merafong will continue to suffer without basic access to vital water supplies. Coupled with other critical delivery failures, those living in this municipality will not receive the services they deserve.