Thousands wasted on incomplete project

By Dr Malcolm Figg (MP), Baviaans Constituency Leader:

To listen to a sound clip in English, please click here

In a reply to a parliamentary question, the Minister for Social Development, Ms Bathabile Dlamini, reveals that her Department’s planned construction of a bakery in Rietbron is underway. My recent visit to the site proved otherwise.  Click here and here to view pictures.

Funding for this project amounted to R500 000. The project began in 2005/06 but was never completed. Top-up funding has been requested in order to complete the project. This project has been dormant for ten years. The Minister must take responsibility for the money that has been wasted during this period.

It is unfair that the money of hardworking members of this community who struggle to put their children through school is heavily misused.

Contrary to the Minister’s reply, renovations are not underway. This was exposed during my recent visit to the site. It is quite clear that the Minister is not aware of the current state of the project.

Government cannot afford any more wasteful and unforeseen expenditure. In a fair society, the hard earned money of taxpayers is utilized astutely and is not wasted as a result of negligence.

The Democratic Alliance will continue to heed the call of all citizens of our beautiful country and ensure that the public purse is not squandered.