Tubatse pays R2.7 million for abandoned community hall

By Robert Mahubedu, DA Councillor – Greater Tubatse Municipality:

The DA is concerned by Greater Tubatse Municipality’s failure to take action against officials responsible for paying more than R2.7 million for a failed Leboeng Community Hall abandoned in 2010.

The DA will this week lay a complaint with the auditor general against the municipality for the allegations of inflating the prices on the construction of the hall which was never opened officially as initially pronounced before the construction began.

We are deeply concerned about the fruitless expenditure and the inflating of the costs from a mere R1.2 million to a walloping R2.7 million. This proves that there are no monitoring system and oversight mechanisms in place that could have detected the wrong doing.

Due to the shoddy work being done during the construction, the community have now vandalised the building , breaking windows and stealing the fence and doors.

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The abandoned hall has now became the hub for criminals and animals to hide inside while the community in that area are still waiting for the municipality to finish and open it officially.

The DA will be submitting questions to the Department of Cooperative Governance’s MEC, Makoma Makhuruptje to explain how the tender was awarded without following the correct procedures.

The wasted tax payer’s money could have been utilised to address the water crisis in the area or to accelerate other services in the area.

The DA wants the municipality to initiate plans on how to recoup the tax payer’s money from the service provider and ensure that the hall is completed and opened officially for public usage.