Van Der Linden sentence pleases DAWN

By Celeste Barker MPL, DAWN Provincial Chairperson:

DAWN (Democratic Alliance Women’s Network) is satisfied with the sentencing of Morne van der Linden for the brutal murder of his wife Roxanne’s grandmother, Catherine Stofberg, 79, and her uncle, Kenneth Morar, 54, at their Salsoneville home in the Northern Areas on 9 August 2014.

The 22 year jail sentence will allow Van der Linden enough time to rehabilitate while reflecting on his excessive violence. The accused snapped in a fit of rage and murdered the victims with a hammer after which he proceeded to kick and trample them.  He was an un-rehabilitated alcoholic.

The DA is deeply distressed to hear of the tragic social circumstances, alcoholism and gender violence in homes.

We encourage families to speak up, seek help and break the silence that surrounds abuse.

DAWN expresses heartfelt sympathy and condolences to all families and community members who are affected by this tragedy.