ANC Councillor awarding RDP houses to his cronies but neglecting the poor

By Charlotte Senosha DA Councillor; Mogalakwena Municipality:

Today the DA has written to the Speaker of Mogalakwena Municipality, Andrina Matsemela, to summon ANC Councillor David Langa of ward 11, to appear before the Ethics Committee to explain his interference in the allocation of RDP houses in his ward.

It is alleged that this councillor has interfered on the RDP housing lists and has prioritised his cronies, relatives and those affiliated to the ANC and has opted to neglect those who are desperately in need of these houses and have been waiting their fair turn in the list queue.

During an oversight visit to Kwenaite village in ward 11 in Bakenberg, the DA met with families who have watched Langa’s relatives jump the queue.

One family has more than ten family members and is sharing a dilapidated two room house which is on the verge of collapsing.

Another family has nine family members who share one shack, while two of the children are disabled.

All these families have been long applying for RDP houses, while the councillor’s family, pals and comrades get houses before the needy residents.

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The councillor may even have gone so far as to remove their names from the municipal housing database.

The DA urges the Speaker to accelerate the process of investigation and disciplinary action in this matter.

The DA also calls on the municipality to urgently meet with the Ward 11 residents and to open the Housing List up to public scrutiny so that every applicant has a fair chance at obtaining a house they can call home.