Cadre deployment threatens Social Dev. Dept

By Dr Isak Fritz MPL DA Northern Cape Provincial Spokesperson of Social Development:

The DA is questioning the redeployment of Renosterberg’s disgraced Mayor, Zet Kwinana, to the position of Media Liaison Officer (MLO) for the Northern Cape Department of Social Development.

Kwinana’s redeployment comes after the shocking state of the Renosterberg municipality was exposed during a meeting of the Standing Committee on Public Affairs (SCOPA).

Under Kwinana’s leadership, creditors reached a total of R33.4 million, while money owed to the municipality exceeded R30 million. There has been a problem with numerous faulty accounts, water and electricity losses, and the cash flow is seriously constrained. The municipality also owes Eskom R30 million, the Water Board R1,7 million and the Auditor-General R7,4 million.

Last week, the DA’s SCOPA spokesperson, Ismail Obaray, called for the municipality to be placed under administration. The ANC swiftly intervened and pulled Kwinana from the sinking ship of Renosterberg, redeploying him to the safety of the Social Development Department.

This is unfortunately how the ANC’s cadre deployment policy operates – the best candidate for the job is overlooked in favour of the candidate who can be trusted to further the ruling party’s own interests.

The DA will submit parliamentary questions to Social Development MEC, Mxolisa Sokatsha, regarding Kwinana’s appointment.

What the DA wants to know is whether a vacancy for a MLO actually existed on the organogram of the Social Development department or whether a position was conveniently created for him. We further want to know whether the department has a head-hunting policy and if so, we would like for them to indicate to us what special public relations skills Kwinana has that warrant his placement in the communications unit of Social Development. We also want a copy of the department’s recruitment policy and we want them to show us how Kwinana’s appointment complies with this policy. Also of great interest is whether Kwinana will undergo a pay cut, considering that the level of Media Liaison Officer is substantially lower than that of Municipal Manager.

If the DA finds that the Social Development department ignored its own recruitment policy, we will consider taking further action.

The Social Development Department has a key role to play in providing services to the poor and vulnerable. We cannot allow the ANC to turn this department into a dumping ground for families, friends and party loyalists who have not managed to cut it in other spheres of government.