Cullinan Care centre: Contractor paid R4.3 million for poor workmanship

By Adriana Randall MPL, DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Finance:

In two written replies posed by the DA, Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu revealed that despite poor workmanship by the contractor assigned to refurbish the Cullinan Care and Rehabilitation centre in Tshwane, the contractor was paid R 4.3 million.

According to the response, the project set out to upgrade the Cullinan psychiatric ward with much needed painting, flooring, tiling, the installation of water and electrical fittings and the re-arrangement of rooms to make the ward more manageable.

The reply notes that despite shortcomings in completion of the project, no disciplinary action against contractor has been taken. Failure to ensure that contractors meet the minimum requirements in terms of quality output adds additional costs that could have been avoided. Poor oversight by the Gauteng Health Department causes a delay in the achievement of accessible health care for our province.

The lack of accountability on the part on the contractor and officials hampers the positive change that can be made by simply applying the current regional management model.

The DA calls for the institution of sound internal management coupled with a disciplinary processes where officials and contractors are accountable when assigned with provincial outcomes.

Strict financial management in the execution of provincial tasks is imperative in ensuring opportunity for all citizens in experiencing quality health care. The rule of law needs to be applied in the absence of fair financial management to ensure that government departments deliver.