DA believes all are equal before the rule of law

By Pule Thole, MPL, DA Provincial Spokesperson on Transport, Safety and Liaison:

The DA is shocked and concerned over the lack of arrest for the senior member of the ANC and member of the Provincial legislature who is allegedly involved in domestic violence abuse.

According to media reports the politician violated an interim protection order and continued to assault his common law wife in the presence of the police.

Although we do not want to get involved in the merits of this case, however we believe that everyone is equal before the rule of law irrespective of the position you hold in society.

It appears that the offender in this case is receiving preferential treatment because of the position that he holds.

Why was he not arrested for violating the interim protection order and on top of that he was in the presence of a police officer who is also a member of his security detail.

This is not acceptable and goes against the spirit of the constitution that states that everyone is equal before the law.

The Domestic Violence Act is clear that if the respondent contravenes any stipulation of the protection order, he/she may be arrested. Once a protection order is granted, it is enforceable throughout the country.

Clearly this is serious because the court must have substantive evidence before the interim protection order is granted. The interim protection order is a temporary court order prohibiting one person (the Offender) from committing abusive acts against another person (the Complainant). It is issued on the first day when the Complainant applies for a protection order.

The DA wants justice to be served in irrespective of who is involved. Our constitution is clear justice must be served in a free and fair manner.

I will take this matter up with the relevant structures of the legislature such as the rules and ethics committee to investigate and deal with it.