DA condemns violence and vandalism by ANC members in Stoffelpark Pretoria

By Mervyn Cirota MPL, DA Gauteng spokesperson for Housing:

The DA in Gauteng condemns ANC intolerance. This follows an assault by ANC activists who yesterday morning attacked DA MPL Adriana Randall Constituency Head, DA Shadow MMC for Housing in the City of Tshwane Cllr Elmarie Linde and DA activists during a community meeting aimed at addressing residents’ concerns regarding their unlawful eviction from Stoffelpark to Pienaaarspoort Mamelodi.

The need for a community meeting comes after the DA received requests by concerned residents who received notice to evacuate their premises which stated that failure to do so will lead to properties being instantly demolished.

The threatening notice given is contrary to constitutional court decisions, with no community consultation taking place, despite some residents living in the area for 15 years. According to the Prevention of illegal Eviction (PIE Act) residents are meant to be notified 14 days in advance by means of a court order to evacuate.

The activities of the ANC is unacceptable particularly as this follows a verbal altercation between Cllr Linde and the Tshwane MMC for Housing Cllr Joshua Ngonyama who accused the DA of lying when questioned about the sudden evictions.

The situation was further aggravated by vandalism to DA property yesterday by the burning of the DA gazebo and stealing of the DA sound system.

The DA will not be dictated to or limited from serving the needs of Gauteng’s citizens, especially where their rights or dignity are under threat of ANC exploitation.

I will be taking up this issue with Human Settlements MEC Jacob Mamabolo as a matter of urgency, to ensure that all or any relocations are carried out in accordance with the appropriate legislative process and appropriate court decisions.

The DA will remain in constant communication with the effected residents and will not be bullied or intimidated in any manner by criminal behaviour.