DA lays charges against 8 who allegedly steal from project for the poor

By Dr Tutu Faleni (MPL), Democratic Alliance Spokesperson on Social Development in North West Legislature:

The Democratic Alliance in North West has pressed additional charges against eight accused persons who allegedly stole from a project that was meant to bring sustainable development to a poor community.

These eight, who will appear in the Bloemhof Magistrate Court again on 28 August 2015, are charged after an audit revealed that nearly R137 000 was allegedly stolen from the project account.

Allegations include that they made false claims for reimbursement of money claimed to be paid out to service providers. It also came to light that the accused paid out bonuses to themselves.

A motor vehicle valued at over R200 000, belonging to the project, was written off after an accident by a driver who had no license and wasn’t authorized to drive the vehicle.

The DA has therefore opened a case of fraud against the eight, at the Bloemhof Police Station on 24 July 2015, involving an amount of R89 500.

The DA is disturbed by the admission of the MEC for Social Development, Mr. Fenny Gaolaolwe that project funds were indeed withdrawn from the project’s bank account without following the correct financial procedure. The Department had no protections in place to prevent this.

The DA will see to it that taxpayer’s money is used to help build communities where they can support themselves in a sustainable manner, not wasted by reckless criminal acts.