DA welcomes the conclusion of the suspended Limpopo DG matter

By Langa Bodlani MPL, DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Public Administration:

The DA welcomes the dismissal of the suspended Limpopo director general Ms Molepo-Modipa. She has been on suspension with full pay for almost three years at the expense of taxpayers.

Ms Molepo-Modipa was among 88 senior officials  in the provincial government who were suspended and investigated for maladministration and corruption when Premier Mathabatha took over almost three years ago.

However, the lengthy period that the case took to finalise means that the taxpayers’ money was wasted by paying both the current acting DG plus Ms Molepo-Modipa’s full salary while she stayed at home. This is public funds which could have been used for service delivery.

If there was any basis of illegality on the part of Ms Molepo-Modipa, Premier Mathabatha must now lay criminal charges against her. This will demonstrate that corruption and maladministration have no place in Limpopo. It will boost clean governance and good leadership that this province must strive for.

Public servants who engage in corrupt activities and maladministration do augur well for business confidence to do business in our province. This kills the opportunity to create much needed jobs for our people.

The premier should not miss this opportunity to set an example to other senior government officials who siphon off public money for illegal and irregular ends and to prove that there will be dire consequences for such actions.

Premier Mathabatha must swiftly to appoint a permanent DG to ensure the stable management of the Limpopo government.