Education MEC must investigate allegations of leaked matric papers

By Anthony Benadie MPL, Spokesperson on Education:

The DA will write to Education MEC, Reginah Mhaule, asking her to investigate allegations of a possible leak of matric mid-year exam papers that were allegedly distributed from the Kamagugu district office in Mbombela municipality.

According to media reports, matric learners confirmed that they had been in possession of the second mathematics paper a day before they wrote the exam. Media reports also claim that the newspaper is in possession of documentation showing that the learners had sought help after realizing that the paper had been leaked but that help was denied.

Even though the department has refuted that any form of leakage took place, the DA urges MEC Mhaule to take these allegations seriously and thoroughly investigate the matter. The MEC must also ensure that the examination results of schools affected by these allegations are carefully moderated to root out any possibility of foul play.

Unfortunately, Mpumalanga has often been counted amongst provinces where matric examinations have been rocked by cheating scandals; as such any allegation of cheating must be taken seriously.

While the department of Education has made strides in containing incidences of cheating, more still needs to be done so that the class of 2015 does not set a bad precedence for themselves as they prepare to write their final examinations.

Under a DA government, with its values centered in freedom, fairness and opportunity, learners would receive a quality education and our full support from the time they start school right through to matric. Any issues that they bring forward will be taken seriously and handled timeously to ensure that nothing distracts them from doing their best.