Former HOD facing allegations, reports for business after his contract was not renewed

By Andrew Louw, MPL, DA Provincial Leader in the Northern Cape:

The Democratic Alliance is shocked that Steven Jonkers is apparently refusing to leave his office and had to be escorted from the premises under police guard today. We request that the premier must launch an immediate investigation into his actions.

We are told that he has still come to work yesterday and today, signing documents and continuing as though it is business as usual.

This is despite the fact that the former head of department from Transport, Safety & Liaison has not had his contract renewed and is no longer supposed to be reporting for duty.

We welcomed the decision from the premier not to renew his contract, given the many allegations he is facing. We have long been calling for him to be removed from his position.

We also welcome the fact that the premier backed up her decision with decisive action in having him removed from the premises.

We are concerned about the fact that the former head of department refused to give up his departmental laptop, which is a tool of the trade purchased by the taxpayers. We are also told that he was at the offices until 19:00 last night. What was he doing at the office?

It does not appear that Mr Jonkers was trying to facilitate a smooth transition for the acting head of department. It appears rather suspicious that somebody who is no longer in the employ of the department will continue to report for duty. If he feels that he was treated unfairly, the labour courts are there to hear his complaints.

We believe that his actions must be investigated further.