Honouring the legacy of Madiba is our duty and our privilege

By James Masango MP, DA Mpumalanga Leader:

This Mandela Day, the DA in Mpumalanga calls upon all South Africans to participate in activities honouring the legacy of our nation’s father, uTata Madiba.

Positive change begins with small actions – the DA urges people to participate this Mandela Day by volunteering their time for 67 minutes in betterment of the community.

We must never forget how Nelson Mandela worked tirelessly, and self-sacrificially in South Africa and the world to encourage individuals, governments, NGO’s and communities alike to partake in good deeds.

Tomorrow, residents have the chance to offer their goodwill to the less-fortunate and to join all South Africans in doing something positive.

It is important for us as residents of Mpumalanga, and South Africans as a whole to uphold the values for which Madiba struggled and to share his message for peace and humanity with future generations. We also need to honour his legacy by living his values and principles in our daily lives.

It is indeed our duty to honour Madiba’s legacy of peace, reconciliation and nation building, and it is our privilege to honour the father of our nation as a world icon.

While we are participating in the 67 minutes of honouring Madiba let us reflect on the South Africa of today, and what our nation could be with real Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for all.