Hope for Thembisile Hani in 2016 elections

By James Masango MP, DA Mpumalanga Leader:

In the 2016 elections, the people of Thembisile Hani have the chance to vote out an uncaring and arrogant ANC government. The hope for the people of Thembisile Hani is to vote in a DA government, to turn this municipality around, to create jobs and to deliver services.

To the people of Moloto, the DA wants to create the conditions for a life where basic services are the norm, not the exception.  The DA promises a life where water is accessible in each and every home and children don’t need to walk kilometres pushing heavy drums in order to receive drinking water.

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Thembisile Hani is not a thriving community, but it could be.  As a direct result of the DA being here today, suddenly there is water – a rare occurrence in this area. Sadly, the community have to scoop water out of deep holes and pay R1.50 for 20 litres to residents who are in the fortunate position of having water source on their property. There is a black market for water here because the ANC government is denying people their right to water.

The municipality is failing to keep the area clean and there are now dumping grounds of dirt and filth between houses where children play. The roads are in need of repair and unemployment is rife.

Change is imminent and it rests in the hands of the people of South Africa to make that change happen at the voting stations in 2016.

21 years into democracy inequality should be declining, not increasing.  There should not only be jobs for some, but jobs for all.  RDP houses should be for all and not a select few who have connections or who pay bribes.  Where is the FAIRNESS in what the ANC government is doing?

The DA will continue to travel across Mpumalanga bringing the message of hope under #Vision2029 to South Africans.

The time has come for the people to say no to neglectful governments under the ANC, and yes to a DA government that will rebuild Mpumalanga into the economic tourism hub it should be.