Letaba water crisis: DA submits petition to the Mayor

By Timothy Maluleke, DA councillor at Greater Letaba Municipality:

The DA has submitted a petition to the Mayor of Greater Letaba Municipality, City Modjadji, with hundreds of signatures of residents affected by an ongoing water crisis at Moshate village, Ward 9 in Ga Sekgopo.

For almost a year, residents in this village and the surrounding areas have been without water.

Due to the municipality’s failure to provide quality services, each family agreed to contribute R155 to buy taps and pipes to connect to the borehole drilled by the municipality a long time ago.

It became a huge burden to those who could not afford to contribute.

Due to the volume of water from the taps and a large number of residents who were in need of the water, some residents started to fight amongst themselves for access to the water that was only available at midnight.

Water supply to this area and the surrounding villages is nonexistent, water deliveries by the Municipality are inconsistent and boreholes have not been functional for many years.

Many residents have complained that they are forced to buy water, using their Child Support Grants, at vast expense from unscrupulous water dealers in the area.

The Mopani District Municipality has failed dismally to solve a massive crisis despite a budget of over R100 million to address the water crisis in 2014/2015 financial year.

Access to water is a constitutional right and depriving people of a basic human right is criminal.

The DA have made pleas through various structures over the last couple of years, and these have fallen on deaf ears.

This is a proof that our people are being neglected by this ANC government, and left to fend for themselves.

Government should provide good basic services and repair when things go wrong, as the DA does where it governs.

The DA petition is to urge the Mayor to urgently provide water tankers for the residents as an interim relief measure.

If it fails to do so, the DA will organise a huge and peaceful march to the municipality to submit our grievances.