Letter to the Editor – KZN’s water supply must come before fracking interests

By Ann McDonnell, MPL, DA KZN Spokesperson on Conservation:

IT is difficult to comprehend how a fracking exploration project for northern KZN can even be entertained when our province is in the midst of such a devastating drought – the Mercury 6 July refers.

Dry spells are becoming all the more frequent as a result of climate change. Yet, rather than invest in clean solar energy, the so-called powers-that-be are prepared to endanger the precious catchments of the uThukela River and Chelmsford Dam.

According to a media report, Japan, a highly industrialised country, is opting for newly developed and much more cost effective, efficient solar panels while retiring 2.4 gigawatts of expensive and polluting oil fired plants and 43 nuclear reactors.

Our country could learn a lot from Japan’s approach.

Here in South Africa, the opportunity to address our energy needs through the use of solar panel manufacture is yet to be seriously considered.  What we have instead are proposals for more open cast mines, fracking exploration and the most expensive nuclear deal possible.

It is criminal that our water supply is being placed at risk to slake the greed for fuel. People’s lives must not be placed at risk for a quick buck.