MEC Lesufi continues to protect wrongdoers despite release of GP school corruption forensic audits

By Khume Ramulifho MPL DA Gauteng Shadow MEC: Education:

Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi, continues to protect the wrong-doers in several forensic investigations into corruption and maladministration at the province’s schools.

In the most recent example, the MEC has been privy to the outcome of a forensic audit into such allegations at Glenvista School for more than a month, but as with other reports, he is yet to make findings and recommendations public.

This is after the MEC recently accused the DA of double standards when we exposed the lack of transparency, openness and action taken once these reports are complete. So when will the MEC release the Glenvista High forensic audit report?

The DA has challenged MEC Lesufi several times to make forensic audits public and believes it is in fact the MEC that is guilty of double standards by actively taking the side of the wrong-doers.

Currently, School Governing Bodies have no access to these reports but are simply dissolved and whistleblowers are fired.

This while those officials implicated in maladministration, fraud and corruption remain at work.

The DA is advocating fairness in conducting forensic audits, where actions are taken against perpetrators while protecting whistleblowers.

The MEC has indicated that the department has taken disciplinary action, opened civil cases and reported perpetrators to SARS. The DA will be requesting all related documents linked to these actions to assure the public that this measures have in fact been followed through.

If the MEC is serious about transparency and accountability, his department will release these reports and protect any SGB members who expose any such maladministration in the first place.

A properly functioning and clean school leadership is necessary to providing a quality education for all the youth of Gauteng. Their futures should not be compromised by poor management or corruption of any form.