Minister Winde welcomes temporary suspension of Khayelitsha tavern liquor licence

By Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities:

Minister Alan Winde has welcomed the temporary suspension of the liquor licence of Osi’s Place in Khayelitsha.
During a brief hearing this morning, the licence holder agreed to a temporary suspension. Today’s engagement was in advance of a full hearing at which the Western Cape Liquor Authority will apply to the Liquor Licencing Tribunal for further sanctions. These sanctions may include the revoking of the licence, a fine, further suspension or stricter trading conditions. The hearing is set for 17 August.
Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, said the outcome of today’s hearing was a not only a victory for the Liquor Authority, but also for the community of Khayelitsha and so many others affected by irresponsible traders.
The Western Cape Liquor Authority brought an urgent application to temporarily suspend the establishment’s liquor licence following an incident at the establishment last month which resulted in the deaths of eight people.
“This is a warning to all traders who bring harm to communities in the Western Cape – we will not tolerate irresponsible behaviour. We will take swift action against you and you will be shut down.
“Licence holders who contravene liquor laws are putting their patrons in danger. The Western Cape Liquor Authority will continue to work with the City of Cape Town and the SAPS to conduct regular enforcement operations at legal establishments. Apart from routine operations, the Liquor Authority hosts awareness sessions with residents, traders and the private sector to outline the dangers of alcohol abuse and the legal responsibilities of traders.
“We need residents to partner with us in rooting out licenced traders who are breaking the law. We can only stamp out the negative impact of alcohol abuse if we join hands.”
“I want to urge all residents to contact the Liquor Authority with reports of transgressions at legal outlets. Together, we can run these traders out of communities. We encourage responsible trading and commend those in the industry who are complying with the law.”
Thys Giliomee, the CEO of the Western Cape Liquor Authority said: “The Liquor Authority will provide sufficient space for the liquor industry to do business but irresponsible trade and unlawful activity by licenced liquor outlets will not be tolerated. We are putting out resources to maximum use to address liquor outlets which are non-compliant. The public is urged to report such outlets.”
To report unlawful activity at a licenced establishment, contact 021 204 9700.

Note to journalists: it is the responsibility of SAPS to take action against unlicenced establishments.