Post Office in Koukamma grinds to halt

By Cllr Francois Strydom, Koukamma PR Councillor:

Koukamma residents are totally frustrated with the Kareedouw Post Office which has not delivered their mail for at least three weeks.  There is allegedly one official currently employed at this office.  Post Office employees are forced to drive 57 kilometres from Humansdorp to sort out mail in Kareedouw.

DA Member of Parliament, Elza van Lingen, is already in the process of contacting the Director-General of the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Rosey Sekese, to find out why this service has collapsed and what steps will she take to restore this service.

Although the Post Office will remain open for five and a half days a week, mail will only be sorted and sent from Kareedouw on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Koukamma Municipality is also adversely affected by this because residents do not know how much to pay for their municipal services.

Post Office workers from Kareedouw who used to deliver the mail in the past have been dismissed which is a serious blow to a community where jobs are scarce and unemployment levels are high.

Young men and women are desperate for jobs yet government is either stripping them of their jobs or not creating opportunities for employment. In a fair society, young men and women should be granted opportunities to earn a living.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has also been informed that rent for the Post Office has allegedly been in arrears for the past three months.  This is an indication that postal services in Kareedouw are in complete disarray at the moment.