Premier Mathabatha empty promises to Tubatse coming home to roost

By Langa Bodlani MPL, Tubatse Constituency Head:

The DA urges Limpopo Premier Stanley Mathabatha to take full responsibility for the current violent protests that have erupted in Tubatse. These have been  triggered by his empty promises he made early this year. Residents are now angered residents by these unfulfilled promises.

The entire town of Tubatse has come to a complete halt, several cars, trucks and a bus have been burnt down, all within a week.

Earlier this year, Premier Mathabatha promised the residents of Phasha and Mampuru that the contractor would be appointed and be on site before June to tar a road but that never happened.

This morning, the angry residents barricaded roads with burning tyres and stones. Shops and other business have had to shut down.

This situation was compounded by the breakdown yesterday of negotiations between the community and Minister of Minerals, Ngoako Ramatlhodi who arrogantly told the residents that he does not “carry jobs in his pockets”. This was the most condescending utterance to communities whose life’s prospects are stifled by high rates of unemployment.

It is unacceptable that these avoidable protests now result in schools being closed down, people unable to go to work.

We are deeply concerned with lies that are continually peddled by the ANC to our people who suffer everyday due to lack of government service provision.  More serious engagement is needed to put an end to this.

There are legitimate grievances raised by the communities that warrant open and frank discussions between them and the mining sector in the area. This is where Premier Mathabatha must step in as an impartial facilitator to bring about amicable solutions.

Our DA Values’ Charter holds  that  a government must be accountable to the people and must reflect the will of the people and our elected representatives must be directly accountable to the people.