R1 million car for Polokwane Mayor unacceptable

By Ngoako Setjie, DA councillor at Polokwane Municipality:

The DA is shocked and dismayed that the Polokwane municipality is on the verge of using taxpayers’ money to purchase a brand new BMW X5 for the Executive Mayor, Thembi Nkadimeng. This vehicle is estimated to be worth more than R1 million.

The DA unequivocally opposed this decision that was taken during a council meeting on Tuesday . The purchase of this car will be a flagrant waste of taxpayers’ money and cannot be tolerated.

The ANC led municipality claims that the mayor’s current car, purchased in July 2012, has surpassed 150 kilometres and demands that the vehicle be replaced with immediate effect, as guided by the ministerial handbook.

Since December 2014, the municipality has spent a walloping R113 948.27 on maintenance of the mayor’s current vehicle. The new car will cost R75 000 on the extended maintenance plan and will include other features such as blue lights, which the DA has been proposing should be banned.

Spending anywhere from between R500 000 to almost R1.1 million on a new BMW X5 for exclusive use by the Executive Mayor is an direct insult to the poorest members of the community. Instead of spending this money on a luxury vehicle, the municipality should rather use it to improve the delivery of basic services to all the people.

The municipality is failing to accelerate quality services to the residents, where in some villages around Ga Molepo, many of them are still sharing water with animals.

In the Western Cape where the DA governs, all the Executive mayors, mayors, MECs and even Premier Helen Zille, spend less than R500 000 when the need arises to purchase a new car and the rest of the money is well spend on accelerating the services to the people.

ANC cadres continue to place their self-interest first before the interests of the people.

The DA will submit motions in council and engage the MEC for Cooperative Governance, Makoma Makhurupetje, to block this fruitless expenditure and rather focus on accelerating the services to the people.