SANRAL’s new dispensation comes at a higher cost

By Dr Neil Campbell MPL, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport:

Much fanfare has been made by government around the reduced rates to be ushered in under the supposed “new dispensation” regarding e-Tolls, however costs for registered e-Toll users have increased placing businesses and motorists in a precarious position.

Since the flat rate of 30c/Km was introduced last week, registered business owners and motorist have been charged more as the reduce amount they would have paid for using the roads at specific off-peak times of the day has fallen away.

According to SANRAL, who now administers and implements these charges, this increased fee was due to a technical glitch – however, it provides no answer as to how it will refund or credit these road-users.

It is frightening that motorists and companies who decided to register with SANRAL are being treated in such a poor manner.

The DA demands that SANRAL get its house in order to negate the huge economic impact further “technical glitches” will have on the citizens of Gauteng.