Shocking incidents at Yusuf Dadoo hospital

By Jack Bloom MPL, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health:

Two shocking incidents last week highlight the need for urgent intervention at the Yusuf Dadoo Hospital in Krugersdorp.

27-year-old Alicia le Grange and her unborn baby died due to a lack of oxygen at the hospital.

According to the Krugersdorp News, she was rushed to the casualty department of the hospital on Thursday after she started bleeding. As there was no oxygen available at Yusuf Dadoo, she was supposed to be transferred to the Leratong Hospital.

The ambulance took nearly four hours to arrive and did not have oxygen either, at which stage her heart stopped and she died. Medical staff did not even attempt to save her baby by doing a Caesarean section.

In another incident, a pregnant women was told on Friday that her baby had died in her womb and she should come back on Monday to have it removed.

This is horribly callous and medically dangerous to wait so long to remove a dead baby.

Yusuf Dadoo Hospital has long had a poor reputation in treating patients.

How can it happen that both the hospital and the ambulance did not have something as basic as oxygen?

The Gauteng Health Department should investigate both these incidents urgently and ensure that the hospital is properly managed and equipped to provide quality treatment.