Storm water drain repairs must be prioritized

By Cllr Dillon Webb, BCMM PR Councillor:

Last night, 16 July 2015, East London was hit by heavy rain. One thing that the rain proved was how unprepared Buffalo City is in case heavy flooding occurred. In a matter of minutes, roads turned into minor rivers and the storm water drains and gutters had very little effect in draining excess water.

I will be writing to the Chairperson of the Infrastructure Planning and Services Portfolio Committee urging him to prioritize unblocking storm water drains in the metro as a matter of urgency.

A drive through Buffalo City after the rain revealed that so many of our storm water drains are blocked which contributed to flooded roads and properties.

Many will remember the flood that hit Buffalo City in the 1970’s which brought the city to a standstill. The fear is that if a flood like that had to hit anytime soon, Buffalo City would be defenceless and the damage incurred would be severe.

Under a DA run Buffalo City Municipality the maintenance and upgrade of our storm water drains would be a top priority.