The sacking of four ANC Mayors in Mpumalanga will have little impact on the dysfunctional municipalities

By Bosman Grobler MPL, Spokesperson on Cogta:

The sacking of the four Mayors in Emalahleni, Lekwa, Dr JS Moroka and Thaba Chweu is long overdue. They have presided over the financial destruction of their municipalities and have left them in financial disarray.

The mayors who have been recalled are Salome Sithole (Emalahleni mayor), Caroline Morajane (Lekwa), Tiny Mthimunye (Dr JS Moroka), Bafana Ncongwane ( Thaba Chweu).

It has also been reported today that ANC PEC member Peter Nyoni has also been suspended for organising a factional march.

The DA has for the last few years been advocating for the disbandment of the council in Thaba Chweu. The embattled municipality has been facing numerous service delivery challenges, with among others billing and revenue collection for municipal services rendered being one of the greatest difficulties.

Dr JS Moroka and Lekwa Municipalities are in total chaos when it comes to service delivery. Storm water drain conditions in the municipalities are in an appalling condition where the leaking water drainage system remains exposed. While millions have been spend on Emalahleni’s administration under Theo van Vuuren who was recently appointed as Acting Municipal Manager.

This shows that the ANC house of cards in Mpumalanga is tumbling down. It cannot continue to force inept and uncaring Mayors onto our local governments, who cripple the municipalities, and who enjoy the protection of the ANC machine.

Now is the time for competent and skilled Mayors to be appointed. Replacing one incompetent crony with another will not improve service delivery and will certainly have little impact on the dysfunctional municipalities.

A DA government would normalise service delivery by employing suitably skilled and competent individuals to transform these municipalities into the attractive investment destinations that they can become.