Top EFF members join the DA

By Joe McGluwa (MP), DA North West Leader and Juanita Terblanche (MP), DA Constituency Head, Tlokwe:

The Democratic Alliance North West today welcomed two senior North West EFF members into the DA.

Romeo Matjila and Sam Makubane, formerly EFF members in Potchefstroom, have signed up to the DA because they identify with the potential of the DA, and they share in the values of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity.

They are already enrolled as official members and have pledged to work hard to take the DA forward toward governing Tlokwe after the 2016 elections.

As sign of their commitment Matjila and Makubane took off their EFF caps and put them, with their membership cards, into a courier box addressed to Julius Malema at his parliamentary address. The note included reads: ‘Thank you, but no thank you’.

The new members indicated that they want to belong to a party that welcomes all South Africans, and fights for a better tomorrow for all in our country. They also said they realised that the EFF has strayed from its path. According to them “promises were made to the benefit of Julius and Floyd and they forgot about the people”.

They also committed themselves as foot soldiers of the DA and promised they will work hard to ensure that the DA’s Vision2029 is realised.

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