Urgent intervention needed to curb water supply issues in Despatch

Cllr Francois Greyling, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Councillor:

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The DA demands that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality appoints a private contractor to resolve the water supply shortages that have been plaguing the majority of Despatch for years.

This issue has affected mostly clinics, old age homes and businesses.

The municipality has proven that it is unable to resolve the alarming scale of fresh water loss and supply interruption as well as the municipal plumbing strike action.

Regular strike action and the municipality’s lack of political will to end the illegal practices is now getting out of hand.

The DA urges the municipality to appoint private contractors who have all the skills needed to resolve the ongoing water supply issues and who have the ability to link the reservoirs affected with alternative supply lines.

The DA, on behalf of the residents, demands the following:

  • The regular illegal strikes must be met with suitable human resource and disciplinary actions;
  • All critical vacancies in the municipal directorate must be filled immediately;
  • All municipal plumbing teams must be furnished with enough tools of the trade and decent vehicles;
  • Despatch and Uitenhage municipal stores must be stocked with general supply items;
  • A sub council for Despatch must be established in order to manage its own municipal officials, supply chain and affairs.

In a fair society community members’ basic human rights are preserved. We will take up this issue on a national level if positive change does not occur.