300 learners go 7 months with no school roof and no hope

By Jacques Smalle MPL, DA Spokesperson on Education:

The Democratic Alliance will submit written questions (read questions) to the Education MEC to establish why the department has delayed repairing the roof (Photo) of Peningotsa Secondary School which has been missing for 7 months.

The wind blew the roof off of four (see video) of the eight class rooms during the period of  Malamulele’s total shut down earlier this year,  however, the department at all levels did not even lift a finger to bring the required assistance let alone to evaluate the site of  damage. I cannot accept that the Education Department has simply abandoned these poor learners, with no roof and no hope. The Department hasn’t even inspected the site once in 7 months.

Over 300 pupil’s lives are currently at risk considering that the building is not unstable, and exposed to the elements (Photo). The School’s SGB has written letters to the district and provincial offices of the department without any response, and no site inspection of the damage has been done.

There is an unacceptable recurring trend of absolute negligence by the department to solving crises, such as this. The DA believes that our young learners deserve better, and deserve to be cared for.

The only worry a learner should have is that of their academic performance, not their safety and a roof that could fall on their heads at any moment.

The DA calls on the MEC to immediately send mobile classes to the Malamulele School.

The DA will keep a close eye to ensure that these pupils learn under safe conditions which facilitate quality education