Brutal Douglasdale police must be arrested, charged and suspended immediately

By Kate Lorimer MPL, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Community Safety:

On the day when the eight policemen who brutalised Emidio Macia were found guilty of his murder, another video of police brutality emerges.

Policemen from the Douglasdale Police Station in Johannesburg are filmed assaulting two young men.

One of the young men was allegedly rendered unconscious and had his trousers pulled down, for what seems to be a rectal search.

He suffered multiple contusions on his face and body and is currently too badly traumatised to talk about his experience.

This behaviour on the part of the police is unacceptable and the officers in question must be arrested, charged and suspended immediately.

Anything less will send a message to the community that the SAPS do not take matters of this nature seriously.

This brutality follows a number of similar videos and accounts of police brutality around the Edenvale policing area.

The National Commissioner and Provincial Commissioners need to take a much stronger stance on the issue and make it clear to all SAPS members that such brutal actions will not be tolerated.

Every time an incident of this nature is exposed, the credibility of the SAPS suffers and the relationship between the SAPS and the community is broken.

If we cannot trust the people who are supposed to protect us, who can we trust?