Corrective steps on track for KZN MIG sports and recreation expenditure

By Hlanganani Gumbi, MPL, DA KZN Spokesperson on Sport and Recreation:

THE DA is pleased to announce that measures to ensure correct spending of a 15% ring-fenced Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG)for sporting infrastructure in KZN’s municipalities are on track, with the appointment of a task team comprising members of the province’s COGTA and Sport and Recreation committees.

The establishment of the task team comes after the DA, earlier this year, exposed the fact that allocations were not being spent properly in some municipalities, with the result that people did not have access to sporting opportunity.

At a combined meeting of the KZN Cogta and Sports and Recreation departments held in late June, the Cogta department admitted that MIG allocations, ring fenced since 2007, had not been spent correctly as municipalities had little understanding and no direction on how to do so.  An earlier appraisal committee created by Cogta unfortunately not helped matters.

At the meeting a joint resolution was agreed to across the political spectrum. According to the new Resolution – number 47/2015;

–          KZN’s COGTA and Sports and Recreation departments would establish a task team to formulate a strategy to ensure that all municipalities spend their 15% allocation before July 2015

–          Municipalities would be held directly accountable to the task team

–     The task team would be monitored by the two Chairpersons – Hon GN Swartbooi and M Dlungwana

–     A follow-up meeting of the joint committees should be called by November 2015

The DA is pleased to announce that these steps are on track.  We welcome them as they will go a long way to finally realising the potential that MIG allocations will have on sporting opportunities in our province.

This is especially important given Cogta’s announcement that in the 2015/16 financial year alone R497 913million should be allocated towards sporting infrastructure.

The DA looks forward to the next joint meeting of these two departments to assess the progress made by the task team when it comes to spending patterns and the implementation of a system that will ensure future spending is done according to the law and policy.