DA asks administrator to stop havoc in the streets

By Cllr Willie Louwrens, DA Councillor, Matlosana, Klerksdorp:

The Democratic Alliance in Stilfontein, North West has written to the City of Matlosana Administrator Mr Seth Ramagaga demanding that he intervenes in the declining of service delivery in the KOSH-area.

The DA questions the management and supervision of the municipal workers who are responsible for cleaning and refuse collection. Residents complains that the workers cause havoc in the streets.

Refuse collectors have on many occasions refused to collect extra bags of garbage that are a result of accumulated garbage that was not collected in previous weeks. Residents complain that their bins are intentionally misplaced and destroyed due to the carelessness of workers.

Residents complain the night shift workers are rowdy, noisy and intentionally provoke their dogs. Residents who complain about this are met with insults and intimidation. Workers have allegedly been spotted drunk or drinking during duty which may lead to fatalities.

Another issue is the lack of transparency by the municipality on rates and taxes of municipal services, residents are not communicated to and feel they are not getting their money’s worth.

This municipality needs a serious turnaround and needs to adhere to the Batho Pele Principles of efficient, courteous service delivery and get their value for money.

The DA requests Mr Ramagaga to launch an inquiry on all municipal workers and managers and to take action against any and all misconduct and carelessness.