DA brings criminal charges against Mantsopa Municipal Manager

By Tania Halse, DA Mantsopa Councillor:

The DA today brought criminal charges against the Mantsopa Local Municipality’s Municipal Manager, Mr Selby Selepe, under the national Water Act (No36 of 1998), Section 151(i).

This action follows after MM Selepe failed to act in accordance with the provisions of the Act which includes, but is not limited to, the effective management and treatment of sewerage and waste water, and the protection of fresh water resources.

Late last month I wrote to MM Selepe requesting the municipality’s urgent intervention to repair and secure the Platberg Sewerage Pump Station, to prevent the flow of raw sewerage into a stream that flows into the town’s fresh water reservoir, the Cathcart Dam, and to rehabilitate polluted areas, failing which we would be forced to bring charges.

After some positive action by the municipality earlier this month to address our concerns, the municipality has now completely abandoned the site.

The pump station is again overflowing with sewerage and as a result there is now a visible stream of raw sewerage flowing into the nearby fresh water stream. This situation poses not only a health risk to the adjacent Platberg community, their children and their cattle, but also threatens the town’s fresh water resources with pollution and waterborne diseases. See pictures here.

We trust that the SAPS will investigate this matter with the urgency that it deserves and that the municipality will take immediate action to stop the flow of sewerage, repair and secure the pump station and rehabilitate the polluted areas.