DA shocked by murder of Orange Farm police official

By Michele Clarke MPL, DA Gauteng Spokesperson for Community Safety:

The DA is deeply saddened by yet another murder of a police official during a business robbery in Orange Farm.

According to reports, two armed men confronted two policemen who were carrying out patrol duties at the Stradford Station.

One official was shot and killed and the other was assaulted – it is understood that both police officials and a security guard were robbed of their firearms.

It is of extreme concern that police officials are being so blatantly targeted by criminals, and the DA calls on anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forward and provide any evidence they may have.

The SAPS is the thin blue line between ordinary people who go about their daily lives, and vicious criminal elements, and every law abiding citizen now has to take a stand and say: Enough is enough.

Every South African now has to unite and say that we have had enough of the general lawlessness in the country, we have had enough of criminals terrorising our communities, and we have had enough killings of our brave men and women in blue.

The DA calls on every South African, from every walk of life, to report any criminality to the police. We call on every person who may have information about others who have committed these heinous crimes to report it to police, and bring those perpetrators to book.

We have to stand behind our police, and make it clear to criminals, that they will not be tolerated in our communities.