DA will not tolerate poor governance in Mantsopa

By David van Vuuren, DA Chief Whip in the Free State Provincial Legislature:

The below member statement was delivered by David van Vuuren (MPL) during a sitting of the Free State Provincial Legislature today.

This ANC-led government always spew propaganda that the DA does not engage on issues constructively. Words come cheap.

On 25th June the DA wrote to the Mantsopa Local Municipality’s Municipal Manager, Selby Selepe, informing him of the dysfunctional Platberg Sewerage Pump Station, and requesting him to immediately intervene to prevent the flow of raw sewerage into a stream that flows into the town’s fresh water reservoir, the Cathcart Dam, and to rehabilitate polluted areas.

We waited a month and a half in which Mr Selepe failed to take corrective action. We reported the matter to the Human Rights Commission and the National Department of Water Affairs and have accompanied inspectors to the affected areas. All the while the community of Platberg was forced to live in a polluted environment which not only poses a health risk to them, their children and their cattle, but also threatens the safety of the town’s fresh water resources.

In such a situation, where the DA have engaged constructively, and allowed more than enough time to action an intervention, and the ANC-led council remains aloof and indignant, what must be done?

I will tell you, Honourable Speaker,

The DA brought criminal charges against Municipal Manager Selepe, under the national Water Act Section 151(i). And the DA will not hesitate to bring criminal charges against all accounting officers who fail to ensure good governance and neglect to take corrective action in the Free State should the need arise.

But the true power to bring change lies in the hands of our people. Increasingly they are rejecting the ANC’s values of corruption, poor service delivery and ineffective governance. And more and more people are embracing the DA’s values of good, clean and effective governance guided by our principles of freedom, fairness and opportunity.

Incidentally, the DA’s support in the by-election in Tweespruit grew tremendously. During the 2011 municipal elections the DA obtained only 17% of the vote, last week the DA obtained 36% of the vote. That is a more than a 100% growth.

See, the people of the Free State realise that the ANC does not want to govern, so they are increasingly putting their trust in the only party that can govern. The DA is coming next year.