Failed Madibeng Municipal Manager redeployed to Ditsobotla

By Leon Basson (MP), Democratic Alliance Constituency Head: Madibeng

And Eddie Barlow, Democratic Alliance Caucus Leader: Madibeng Municipality

The Democratic Alliance in Madibeng notes an announcement today that the Municipal Manager of Madibeng, Mr Monde Juta has been seconded to Ditsobotla Local Municipality with immediate effect.

Juta recently returned to Madibeng after being suspended on allegations of corruption and fraud. Currently Madibeng’s Water and Sanitation services are under administration in terms of Section 139(1)(b).

Madibeng will be better off without Juta, and his departure from Madibeng is welcomed. However, it is unacceptable that Madibeng Municipality will now pay the difference between Juta’s Madibeng Salary level and what he will earn at Ditsobotla.

North West MEC for Local Government and Human Settlement, Collen Maine, has directed in writing that “the cost for secondment will be borne by the [Madibeng] Municipality and it will be paid as follows:

  1. a) Paid an allowance equal to the difference between the secondee’s current salary and the minimum budgeted salary of the position that the secondee’s acts in; and
  2. b) Compensated for subsistence and travel incurred during the course and scope of his or her duties, in accordance with the relevant policy of the municipality”

Juta’s management style was full of controversy in Madibeng, and he did little to solve the issues and problems in Madibeng.

It is therefore impossible to foresee that Juta will have a positive impact in Ditsobotla that is also ridden by service delivery problems and bad management. It is sad that his lack of skills to implement sound management skills will now only be transferred to Ditsobotla.

Ultimately, the people of Ditsobotla will suffer. The poorest people of Madibeng have been hit hard by Juta’s failures, and now the people of Ditsobotla will be exposed to the same.
Being rid of Juta could be the beginning of a total clean-up in Madibeng. The DA hopes that this will be so with the installation of a qualified and skilled Municipal Manager, rather than another poor performing ANC cadre.

The communities of Madibeng and Ditsobotla have suffered for too long and it is time for change so that these communities can experience Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity where Government is accountable to the people they serve. This is what the DA wants to bring to these Municipalities.