Letter to the editor: All public service appointments must be lawful

By Adv Boitumelo Babuseng, MPL, DA Provincial Spokesperson for Economic Affairs:

The Democratic Alliance is concerned that the Northern Cape Liquor Board is mired in another controversy about unlawful appointments. The latest scandal relates to the appointment of the chief executive officer. We call on the entity to comply with the Auditor-General’s request and to provide the documentation showing that the chief executive officer has been appointed lawfully, if such documentation exists.


In fact, the Democratic Alliance has requested an investigation into nepotism at the Board more than a month ago. The facts at our disposal indicate that the chief executive officer has employed staff who are her friends or relatives. If the chief executive officer overstepped her bounds, her contract must be terminated. The regulations issued in terms of the Northern Cape Liquor Act regarding the chief executive officer makes provision for the contract to be terminated on the basis of improper conduct or unfitness to perform the functions associated with the chief executive officer.


It would indeed be improper to fill such a crucial oversight entity with friends and family. The Northern Cape Liquor Board fulfils a crucial function in the province, especially with regards to the issuing and monitoring of liquor licenses. It has been made abundantly clear in portfolio committee meetings that the entity currently does not have the capacity to deliver on its mandates.


If you then begin to make appointments based on relationships and not merit, you will sink the ship even faster.


The Democratic Alliance believes that your access to economic opportunities must not be determined by your political connections or your friendships with people in high places. All appointments made in the public service must adhere to the Public Service Act.