Letter to the Editor – ANC in denial over KZN municipalities

By George Mari, MPL, DA KZN Spokesperson on COGTA:

THE ANC’s pronouncement that KZN municipalities are running well and “are generally functional, effective, have sound financial management and are delivering to the people” cannot go unchallenged.

Quite clearly the party is out of touch with what is really going on our province’s municipalities or how the people of our province feel.

KZN municipalities have never been in such a precarious position, a fact borne out by the recent Auditor-General’s report, which saw a massive rise in irregular and wasteful expenditure in KZN municipalities during the 2013/14 financial year.

Fruitless and wasteful expenditure sky-rocketed by 440% to R54million and irregular expenditure jumped by 30% to R2.31billion.  A total of R104million was spent by municipalities on external consultants for financial reporting – a recurring theme which confirms just how pathetic internal controls are.

Municipal performance can be measured by the mood amongst communities and KZN’s people are sick and tired of non-existent service delivery, particularly when it comes to housing and water as evidenced by the increased number of protests.

It is telling that so many ANC Councillors are afraid to face their own communities or live amongst them, to the extent that they have to be provided with bodyguards and safe houses at huge cost to the province.

The ANC in KZN must stop pretending that all is well and start facing reality.