Living amid sewage leaks risks life and health in Reboile and Groot-Marico

By Jacqueline Theologo (MPL), DA Spokesperson Local Government and Human Settlements:

The Democratic Alliance in North West is shocked by the adverse living conditions of the people in Reboile and Groot-Marico. During an onsite visit the lack of sanitation and proper infrastructure were experienced firsthand.

This area is supposed to be one of the province’s most renowned cultural attractions, but these towns have no water purification system or sewerage plant. Over R23 million has already been spent to cater for additional processing, but raw sewage still seeps through the flimsy ground walls erected by the municipality. During the rain-season this situation deteriorates even more.

The community’s plight was also highlighted by the Democratic Alliance in a member statement during the last sitting of the North West Legislature.

The National Department of Water Affairs issued a report on water availability in the area and stated that “any additional demands on the Groot Marico cluster need to be listed and factored into the water availability scenario”.

The DA is concerned that this report was not taken into account when they allowed the building of an additional 800 housing units, resulting in the inhabitants not getting the services to which they are entitled. Allegedly another 400 units are to be built soon, without sufficient sewage infrastructure – this is a direct risk to the life and health of people in the area.

The DA will raise this lacking sewage infrastructure in the Council, and will report the situation to the Human Right’s Commission, if it does not improve.