Mahikeng Council fails the community today as ANC disruption adjourns meeting prematurely

By Lisa Shickerling, DA Caucus Leader, Mahikeng:

The Democratic Alliance in Mahikeng firmly rejects the ANC decision today to adjourn the Mahikeng Special Council meeting, before dealing with the full agenda of the day, due to disruptions and completely biased rulings from the Speaker.

The meeting degenerated into a battle between those who wanted to uphold the rule of law and Council’s own rules, and the bias of the ANC, embodied by the Speaker who unfairly and selectively allowed Councillors to contribute to the agenda.

The Speaker then lost control of the Council Meeting, and abruptly adjourned the meeting indefinitely. The DA believes that this action of the Speaker is illegal.

The DA has been informed that serious allegations of corruption and misconduct were to be tabled in today’s Council meeting, and the disruption has prevented that from happening.

This has prevented Council from acting against serious wrongs in our municipality, and has prevented council from exercising oversight over the governing executive. But more so, Council has been unable today to act in the interest of the people of Mafikeng, or to act to improve the circumstances of those who live in the Municipality.

The DA is very concerned about the chaotic outcome of the meeting and disapproves of any form of misconduct and behaviour that will bring the reputation of council and councillors into disrepute.

The DA will today write to the MEC for COGTA Mr Collen Maine to request an urgent directive to the Speaker of Mafikeng to reconvene Council, and properly deal with the Agenda, even if that means sitting over this weekend which the DA is prepared to do.