Matjhabeng water cuts unethical and unconstitutional

By James Letuka, DA MPL in the Free State Provincial Legislature:

Sedibeng Water has disconnected the supply of clean, drinkable piped water to the entire Matjhabeng Local Municipality due to the continuous non-payment by the municipality for bulk water supply.

What is more shocking is that Matjhabeng spokesperson, Kgojane Matule, said that residents of Welkom, Virginia, Henneman, Ventersdorp, Allenridge, Thabong and Bronville will have to make do with 20% of the usual supply of water and that if they don’t pay their water accounts, the municipality will intensify the water restrictions.

Honourable Speaker,

See this here is the best evidence yet of the uncaring and arrogant attitude of the ANC in government. It’s disgusting that Mathjabeng wants residents to pay their water accounts, but the municipality doesn’t pay Sedibeng Water. It is estimated that Matjhabeng owes more than R80 million to Sedibeng Water.

It is estimated that Matjhabeng owes more than R1,7 billion to creditors. Service delivery is almost non-existent and poor, unaccountable governance is rampant. The state of the economy in Matjhabeng is in crises due to the municipality’s terribly poor performance, with the result that businesses are closing doors at an unprecedented rate.

Matjhabeng serves as a perfect example of how the ANC can govern a municipality into the ground. Since its formation Matjhabeng has not obtained a single clean audit. It started off with a qualified audit report, and for more than a decade it has managed to regress annually to disclaimers with adverse findings.

Mathjabeng is failing on its constitutional mandate to deliver water. Access to clean and reliable water supply is a basic Human Right.

Where is the task team led by Finance MEC Rockman and COGTAH MEC Mlamleli? MEC Mlamleli tells us that she is working very hard to turn poor governance in Free State municipalities around.

Perhaps MEC Mlamleli can enlighten this house on how it came to be that as we speak the people of Matjhabeng have to live without water.  Is this the good story the ANC keeps on telling us about?

Where the DA governs, we deliver clean, safe, reliable supply of piped water to all. The DA can bring this good governance to Matjhabeng, we call on the communities of Matjhabeng to join the DA, and together we can bring quality service delivery, opportunity and prosperity to the municipality.