Millions spent on private security at GP schools and more to come

By Khume Ramulifho MPL DA Shadow MEC: Education:

At least R 7.4  million has been spent on private security at schools in Gauteng from 2012/13 to the current financial year, and a further R4.3 million is projected for 2015/16.

This is according to a response received by the DA from Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi.

This reply also indicates that 20 schools have been closed in the province and handed over to the Department of Infrastructure Development (DID), with a further 29 closed and awaiting transfer to the DID.

The department claims that the only closed school which received private security was Brakpan Primary; however, private security has been allocated to other schools, such as Megatong, in the past.

I will follow up with the MEC to determine where the projected spend will be allocated as well as to confirm apparent contradictions in the allocation of private security to closed schools. I will also be contacting the DID to request confirmation of transfer of these properties.

More than R1,3 million was spent on private security at the closed Brakpan school alone; this while functioning schools receive little or no protection services.

As with all challenges facing our education system, it is the learners that bear the brunt of poor administration and misallocated funding.

The DA will continue to work towards quality schooling for each and every young person in this province and country; where a child’s background should not determine the quality of education they receive.