Official audit must follow the suspension of Polokwane Directors

By Frank Haas, DA Polokwane Caucus Leader:

In light of the serious allegations ,the DA welcomes the suspension of three Polokwane Municipality directors. The DA urges the Executive Mayor, Thembi Nkadimeng to expedite the forensic audit into the finances of the municipality as provided for in the regulations.

Some Directors were given letters of suspension after a council meeting last month. These directors include the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Corporate Services and Transportation services. The allegations against the abovementioned individuals include inter alia:

  • Irregular appointment of service providers;
  • The roles that they played in their capacity as members of the Bid Adjudication committee (BAC) where they may have acted in a manner which undermined the BAC and the supply Chain Management System ;

Of great concern to the DA is the allegations against the CFO, who allegedly performed remunerative work outside of her contract with Council, without approval and disclosure.

The Polokwane municipality constantly receives complaints with regards to billing mistakes, failure to read meters and similar complaints. We need a CFO whose efforts are focused wholly on our municipality.

The failure to read meters timorously and the numerous incorrect billing issues has lead to fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

More than R500 million has been lost to wasteful, fruitless and unauthorized expenditure in the last financial year alone.  Currently,  the municipality has still not put measures in place to recover this lost money.

The DA has though Councillor Marx, on numerous occasions suggested that the Billing Appeal committee be formed. The Executive Mayor has promised that this Appeal committee will be formulated as soon as possible.

Despite the province’s emphasis on  clean administration, neither the provincial government nor its  municipalities have been able to effectively deal with corruption and any sustainable growth towards achieving clean audits.

The DA believes in a clean and efficient form of governance , where every cent of the public’s money is spent on ensuring an effective service delivery, thereby improving the lives of Polokwane residents.