Osi’s Place hearing postponed

Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities:

The Western Cape Liquor Authority’s hearing into Osi’s Place in Khayelitsha has been postponed until next month.

This morning, during a brief appearance before the Liquor Licencing Tribunal,  the licence holder requested a postponement.

The licence holder, who appeared without a lawyer, said he needed time to secure new legal representation.

In response, the prosecutor representing the Western Cape Liquor Authority requested that the hearing proceed.

After a brief adjournment, the LLT granted a postponement until 21 September. The hearing will proceed on that date even if the licence holder has not secured legal representation.

The LLT further ordered that the liquor licence remains suspended until a final judgement is handed down.

The licence was temporarily suspended at a hearing last month, following an incident at the establishment in which eight people were killed.

Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, urged residents to work with authorities to root out legal traders who contravened liquor laws.

“I want to urge all residents to contact the Liquor Authority with reports of transgressions at legal outlets. We can only stamp out the negative impact of alcohol abuse if we join hands. Together, we can run these traders out of communities. We encourage responsible trading and commend those in the industry who are complying with the law,” said Minister Winde.

To report unlawful activity at a licenced establishment, contact the Western Cape Liquor Authority on 021 204 9700