Parliament summoning of NW Education MEC a welcome move

By Dr Tutu Faleni (MPL), DA North West Education Spokesperson:

The Democratic Alliance in the North West welcomes the decision of the National Council of Provinces Select Committee on Education and Recreation to summon the North West Education MEC, and Department of Education to Parliament.

The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Select Committee visited the North West this week and resolved to summon the NW Education officials to explain the current administration of the Department.

It is heartening to see the NCOP executing their constitutional mandate and ensuring that provincial issues are identified and are dealt with by the National sphere of government.

Placing the Department under administration has not previously made any significant improvement with the department still undermined by poor financial management.

The department is still unable to pay creditors what they owe, and experience an accumulation of unmanageable increases of debt which negatively affect their financial position.

National oversight of this Department can advance the delivery of quality education to learners in the North West who need more than failed provincial administrations.