SANRAL’s latest e-toll saga reveals its true intent

By Dr Neil Campbell MPL, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport:

The legal battle between the City of Cape Town and the South African Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) regarding the proposed e-tolling of the N1 and N2 highways is beginning to show the hand of those intent on fleecing the public.

City of Cape Town Mayor, Patricia De Lille, argues that e-tolls would more than double the outlay required by motorists from R22.9 billion to around R48 billion per year.

De Lille expressed that such over taxation is anathema to a caring government.

This was shot down by SANRAL officials who responded that without the R48 billion De Lille’s city would not receive necessary funding.

This statement speaks volumes.

What SANRAL is really saying is that e-tolls have absolutely nothing to do with road construction and maintenance, but everything to do with enforcing another unjust tax on long-suffering motorists – ultimately funding non-transport related projects.

So much for the ANC’s insistence on the user pays principle.

This is blatant hypocrisy.

The use of Kapsch, the offshore partner in the e-toll saga, is also highly suspicious and, many are convinced, is there merely to provide a conduit for well-connected individuals to channel e-toll money offshore to for their personal gain.

The real motives behind e-tolls are emerging for all to see.