Tshwane emergency services facing collapse

By Janho Engelbrecht MPL, DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Environmental Affairs


Isak Pietersen DA Tshwane PR Councillor Ward 31:

The City of Tshwane’s (CoT) emergency services have fallen in to disarray as a result of poor planning, as well as staff and equipment shortages.

A high vacancy rate within the Emergency Services Department (EMS) has created a situation where an unacceptably high number of emergency calls go unanswered.

Coupled with this, the CoT does not split medical emergencies and other emergency situations placing a massive constraint on resources.

This is particularly true of the fire stations in the city, where it is normal for different regions to borrow fire trucks as there are too few to service the city in its entirety.

At some stations, fire fighters even lack protective uniforms to carry out their duties.

All this has been brought about by the short-sighted planning of the current administration.

It is unacceptable that qualified and professional emergency service members, who risk their lives on a daily basis, are treated in such so poorly by the CoT.

Equally, it is alarming that the CoT is willing to mete out such low standards of service to residents.

The City must invest more of it expenditure on adequate emergency service to ensure a higher quality standard of living.